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First, we buy only carefully selected non-GMO organic seeds. Every batch is screened for disease vectors.

Seeds are soaked or started in a proprietary system - we made it ourselves - that assures that the seeds get exactly what they need to germinate. This means rinsing the seeds with water every twelve minutes for about 24 hours and ensuring that the seeds always have lots of nice sweet oxygen.

Then we lay out the germinated seeds in trays, put the trays into a multi layer rack and then water them twenty four hours a day, making sure that there is great air circulation.

 When the sprouts reach their perfect peak for harvesting we then gently squeeze the juice out (Yes! a low gear, slow speed grinder so as not to damage anything followed by a hydraulic press).

Then we cool the juice, add just enough organic lactic acid to prevent decay. (This is the age-old method of preservation of foods). However, we add the organic lactic (non-dairy) acid with a very light touch.

Then we seal  the juice into single serving tubes using a pharmaceutical grade system. We mark the best before date on every pouch with a date that is 16 weeks from production. While the nutrient values should last at least that long the colour may slowly change from green to less than green and the taste can change too eventually – but the juice is always safe. So, no need to refrigerate – although some people treat it like a white wine and prefer to drink it slightly chilled.

Next we go from age-old methods to star wars. We subject the juice - already tightly sealed in single serving containers - to ultra high pressure. This kills the bad bacteria  without hurting the desired qualities of the juices. Especially, this method leaves the enzymes intact and alive for you. There is lots of good solid science to prove this too).

So there you have it: perfect sprouts make great juice and a combination of really old and really new technology keeps it fresh all the way to the consumer - without any need for refrigeration.  Enjoy!